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Rain or shine, all of our tours run as scheduled

By booking your place online you can skip the queue at the meeting point and enjoy discounts for multiple tours and for groups. Alternatively, you can just show up at the meeting point if you prefer not to book ahead of time. Just come 10-15 minutes early if you’ve not purchased online.

How can a Free Tour be one of the best in Europe?

The answer is simple: because the informed, entertaining, and unforgettable guides on our Free Tours work on a tips-only basis, the highest quality is guaranteed! They’ll never pressure you to tip – even though the guides receive no other compensation from our company or the cities we work in. We believe that if money is given, it should be voluntary and in direct proportion to the quality of the tour and the budget of the traveler. Value for money goes a long way, and satisfied customers tip what they think the tour was worth!

With over a 100 tours offered daily and over 5 million guests since 2004, we’re one of the biggest walking tour companies in the world.

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Free Tour of Jaffa - Tel Aviv Tours

Free Tour of Jaffa

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Tel Aviv City Tour

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